The development history and trend of sweeping robots

Published on:2021-11-19

As a brand new category of household appliances, sweepers have been born less than 20 years ago. In the early days, it was a sweeping machine, and it was not called a sweeping robot until the improvement of intelligence in recent years. That is to say, the sweeping robot adopts the intelligent automation mode, and the vacuum cleaners commonly used in our homes are not considered as robots. The evolution of sweeping robots has gone through several stages. Let me give you some popular science.

Talk about history from the birth of the first sweeping robot "Trilobite"

In 1996, Electrolux developed the world's first automated sweeping robot, and it went on sale in 2001. The biggest selling point of trilobites is the use of bionic technology ultrasound, like a bat flying in the dark, it can quickly detect obstacles and avoid them. The reaction and calculation speed of the trilobite, and the speed of the machine are relatively slow. At the same time, its design thickness is too large, which makes it unable to penetrate into the bottom of many furniture for cleaning. But it is undeniable that it is the originator of the collision sweeper.

In the past two years, the emergence of artificial intelligence and laser ranging sensing technology in truly professional planning sweeping robots plus the application of synchronous positioning and map construction algorithms has ushered in the era of real application of sweeping robots. The electronic age has drastically reduced product costs, and many emerging brands have rapidly emerged with the application of new technologies. The domestically produced millet sweeping robot is a typical of this era.

Someone concluded: the first-generation product cannot be automatically charged and the random cleaning is serious. The second-generation product can be automatically charged and the random cleaning is serious. The third-generation product, the laser navigation automatically recharges the breakpoint and continues to scan the global planning coverage rate is stable. There is no doubt that the third-generation product is currently the most professional sweeping robot. Professional sweeping robots have at least the basic functions of laser planning and navigation, autonomous charging, scheduled appointment, global planning, and mobile phone control.

Please remember the minimum standards for professional sweeping robots

Intelligent planning, laser navigation;

  Automatically recharge and get out of trouble;

  Network control, regular appointment;

  Environmental awareness, continuous scanning at break points;

   Actively learn and clean up in place.