How to choose an intelligent sweeping robot? Dry goods you must know before buyi

Published on:2021-11-19

When it comes to "lazy artifacts", I believe everyone will think of robot cleaners for the first time. With it, it can be used as a shopkeeper in the face of sanitary cleaning, without worrying about it. With the rapid development of the sweeping robot industry, many new and old brands have entered this field. Although the product selection is diversified, it is easy to feel entangled and troubled if you want to buy a favorite sweeping robot. So, this time I will give you some tips for buying and selling.

Sweeping robot purchase skills

Choose thickness

In the home, it is difficult to clean low places like sofa bottoms, bed bottoms, table bottoms, etc. Especially for people with pets, pets like to drill the bottom of the furniture. If the body is too high, the sweeper will not get in if it wants to clean the hair. It doesn't make much sense to buy it. Therefore, before purchasing, measure the height of your own furniture from the ground to see if it is suitable for the sweeper to enter the bottom for cleaning.

Cleaning method

At present, there are two cleaning methods of the sweeping robot: the roller brush type and the suction type. The roller brush type uses the rotation of the roller brush to clean the dust and garbage on the ground. The advantage is that the cleaning effect is ideal, especially for the dust and stubborn stains between the ground gaps. The disadvantage is that it is easy to be entangled by the hair and is troublesome to clean. The suction type uses suction to clean the floor. Although it will not be entangled, the cleaning of stubborn stains seems inadequate. If there are more hairs that need to be cleaned at home, you can choose the suction style, which saves worry and effort; if the home is prone to stains, you can choose the roller brush style, which has a significant cleaning effect.

Motor type

The quality of the motor directly impresses the sweeper machine's ability to absorb dust and garbage. Generally good vacuum motors have high speed, large suction power, long life and low noise. At present, the motor configurations of sweeping robots on the market are generally not brushless motors and brushed motors.