Do you really know robot cleaners?

Published on:2021-11-19

Sweeping robots are very common in people's homes. Although their functions are very different, sweeping and mopping are always their main features, but there are many differences in design, and there are many unknown ingenuities. Today, we will take the Roborock sweeping robot series as an example to see what little-known details are in the design of the sweeping robot.

——Convenient quick release design

For the cleaning tool of the sweeping robot, cleaning and maintenance after a period of use is very important. Both the dust box and the main brush of the Roborock sweeping robot adopt a quick-release design, which can ensure that the relevant parts are quickly removed for cleaning when needed. The dust box that collects debris, dust, etc., can be taken out by opening the top cover, and it is very convenient to clean up.

The brush head will be in direct contact with the ground, and it will naturally be contaminated with some dust and bacteria, and even hair and other fibers will be entangled in it. The Roborock sweeping robot also supports the quick disassembly of the brush head part, and can even clean the bearing part to eliminate hairs. And other fiber entanglement.

——Convenient way to install the water tank

Like general entry-level products, water tanks need to be turned over to install. These old-style water tanks are often very small and small, and the way of turning over installation is more troublesome.

Therefore, in some relatively high-end products, the water tank is not only separated from the carriage, but has become a split design, and its installation/disassembly has also been changed. It can be taken out like a drawer without turning it over. After the water tank is filled with water, it will directly become the load retention. When you need to mop the floor, you only need to install the extension board.

——Precise electronically controlled water tank

Not only is the installation very convenient, but the current sweeping robot is also more precise in the control of the water outlet mode of the water tank. The brand-new electric control replaces the previous plant bionic water production, changing from passive to active, which can more accurately control the amount of water and better control the moistness of the mopping floor.

The carriage part has also been improved. Two new constant-pressure springs have been added, which can make the carriage and the bottom surface come in closer contact and maintain a constant pressure of 300g. No matter how the terrain changes, there is no need to worry about the effect of mopping.

——Across obstacle design

When the sweeping robot is working, all kinds of wires and partitions on the ground will often become invisible traps for the sweeping robot. At this time, the liftable driving wheel of the sweeping robot will come in handy. The rubber tire skin ensures sufficient grip. The 2cm lift interval can ensure that most small obstacles can be easily crossed, and the driving wheel will not be stuck. Hang in the air and lose the ability to move.

In addition to these, there are also many "hidden functions" in the software of the sweeping robot. For example, use the map management function to realize the custom zone management of the room, and set an exclusive cleaning plan for each block; or turn on the remote control function to let the sweeping robot follow its own control like a remote control car.

Regardless of software or hardware, there are many "details" left on the Roborock sweeping robot waiting for you to further discover. If you want to learn more about the usage of the Roborock sweeping robot, it's better to buy one and go back and study it carefully. I believe you will be able to get a lot of surprises when the time comes.