Understand the three steps of cleaning robot

Published on:2021-11-19

Do you still think the sweeping robot is just a toy to amuse you? In fact, the technology of the sweeping robot has been relatively mature in the past two years. The rational use of the sweeping robot will not only not help you, but also help you easily clean the ground at home, so that you can throw away the broom and no longer worry about the garbage on the ground.

Then why do people say that floor sweeping robots are not easy to use?, There are only two cases, either you buy it wrong or you use it wrong. Let me teach you how to make good use of the floor sweeping robot in three steps!

Step 1: if you choose the right product, you must buy LDS lidar navigation

The core of the sweeping robot lies in the navigation mode. It is normal to have poor navigation ability, Miss scanning and unclean scanning. Therefore, when buying a sweeping robot, we must look at the navigation technology.

At present, the mainstream navigation technologies are LDS lidar, visual navigation and dtof navigation. Among them, the most mainstream, mature and cheapest is LDS lidar navigation. Therefore, for ordinary people, don't look at anything else, keep an eye on LDS lidar navigation and buy it!

LDS lidar is a small raised round cap. You must recognize it

How to determine whether the product adopts LDS lidar navigation? In fact, it is very simple. As long as a small disc is raised above the front of the sweeping robot, 99% it is a product of LDS lidar navigation.

At present, the general price of lidar navigation products is about 1000-3000 yuan, so it's best not to buy a sweeping robot less than 1000 yuan, otherwise it's probably uncomfortable to use it.

Step 2: do the later work for the sweeping robot, and remove the ground obstacles

After all, the sweeping robot is not a human. Its walking mainly depends on the program. Therefore, as long as the program can not recognize the danger, it will default to no danger.

Be sure to remove the ground obstacles, otherwise

And you don't expect or believe that the ability to get rid of difficulties and avoid obstacles of the floor sweeping robot is so excellent. Therefore, before using the floor sweeping robot, you must put away these socks, cables and toys at home, otherwise don't blame the floor sweeping robot for being "polite".

Step 3: make good use of the app provided by the sweeping robot to get twice the result with half the effort

If the app of any home appliance is the most powerful and practical, the floor sweeping robot must be one. I think the floor sweeping robot without app is incomplete.

What functions can the app of the sweeping robot achieve? Generally, the mainstream sweeping robot app will support the functions of drawing and map viewing, that is, the house type map of your home. On the basis of the house type map, you can partition and set up a virtual wall at will. For example, if someone sleeps in the bedroom today, you can only sweep the living room area. For example, if the kitchen doesn't want the floor sweeping robot to go, you can draw a virtual wall at the door of the kitchen. Secondly, the sweeping robot can also adjust the suction, cleaning times, and even make an appointment for cleaning time. If these can be set, there will be basically no worries about using the sweeping robot.

In short, the current floor sweeping robot can be said to be a 90% perfect automatic cleaning tool. You little friends who don't want to clean, feel like considering starting one!