The mystery of choosing a sweeping robot

Published on:2021-11-19

With the improvement of people's living standards, the continuous development of intelligent technology and the reduction of manufacturing costs, household floor sweeping robots have been common. Sweeping robots are springing up in the domestic market, with similar styles, shapes and functions, and so many brands. As consumers, how to choose a sweeping robot suitable for home use?

1. Choose brands and products with core technologies

Octopus sweeping robot is a brand of pangolin robot, with 17 years of industry experience; The main core technologies are:

2. Look at the core components and battery capacity

Product Name: sweeping robot

Battery type: lithium battery

Cleaning route: planned

Water tank type: ordinary water tank

Additional functions: app control area cleaning carpet identification, regular appointment, fixed-point cleaning, edge cleaning, mobile phone remote control power off, continuous cleaning, automatic cleaning

Navigation type: gyro navigation

Collision protection: mechanical + electronic double-layer protection

Automatic charging: Yes

Battery capacity: 2600mAH

Dust box capacity: 0.5L

Applicable area: 0-250 ㎡

Noise: 65dB

Maximum height: 7.1cm

Endurance: 2.5 hours

Cleaning mode: roller brush

3. Look at the product functions