A sweeping machine, let the leisure to retain the beauty of mother

Published on:2021-11-19

From babbling to toddler,

It is my mother who is always by my side.

The mother in my impression loves cleanliness,

She likes to wear a half-old camouflage uniform for cleaning,

In the words of my mother,

Doing housework in old clothes doesn't hurt.

Even though my mother at that time was wearing half-old clothes,

Still beautiful.

Don't know when it will start,

Her dark hair can gradually see silver threads,

Every time after bending down to sweep the floor and mopping the floor,

Will slowly get up and support his waist.

This mother's day,

Octopus prepared a sweeper for mothers.

With the Octopus sweeping robot,

Give it all the dirty work at home,

No longer have to watch mom bend over and hunch to clean,

Mom has more time to dress up.

Technology makes our lives better,

It also gives us more opportunities to care for our families,

I gave my mother an octopus sweeping robot,

Let mother care for herself more,

Less worry about housework.

This mother's day,

Let mother free her hands,

One more health and peace of mind.