Octopus sweeping robot, let you free your hands!

Published on:2021-11-19

May Day holiday is coming soon

I want to go shopping, go shopping, go shopping

Still staying at home, Ge Youlie

No matter what kind

I want you who are always busy at work

All need to clean up their "house"

Do not believe? Let's see if you have the following problems

1. For those who have pets, is there any pet hair or dust in the corners of the house?

2. Virgo’s little buddies, are there any signs of “dirty, messy, and poor” in your eyes? If you come to a few "bear kids" from relatives during the holidays, think about your own nest.

3. Family members who suffer from rhinitis, are they intolerant of dust?


These are not important. The important thing is that if it is the parents who have been helping us to clean, should we let them rest? Today, the editor recommends a super-practical cleaning robot, which is clean without residue, so that we can free our hands.

Octopus sweeping robot intelligent navigation, full coverage and efficient cleaning, no dead corners, intelligent detection, breakpoint cleaning, no need to worry about the dirt under the bed or sofa; large suction, sweeping clean, The intelligently controlled water tank can be dragged cleanly, without making parents bend down, sweep and drag; use Wifi to link GOOGLE HOME and Alexa to achieve the effect of voice control, making physical work a one-sentence task, saving time and effort; mobile phone APP intelligent control area cleaning, remote control, easy cleaning even when you are not at home, such a perfect technology, what are you still hesitating?